About us

About us

Networking for your needs

NewGen Networking is all about you, the members. We will provide an environment that offers the chance to build lasting relationships and generate business opportunities, but we’d also like you to have a bit of fun along the way. After all, networking doesn’t have to be boring!

We offer a flexible and affordable networking solution, using tried and tested ideas to provide structure, whilst applying them in a modern way to suits todays world. We measure our success by the success of our members.

Our meeting formats vary throughout the month, with additional support to arm you with skills that benefit your business.

To find out more, simply call 07949196115 for John or 07989185059 for Emma, or email info@newgen-networking.com

What we offer

Our  meetings offer the chance to network face-to-face on a weekly basis with local businesses.

The Benefits of Membership

Our private social media group helps you to reach a wider audience with your posts

Partnership incentives for introducing new businesses to the NewGen family

Avoid the monotony of the same thing each week with our flexible meeting format on a rolling cycle

Meet our Team

John Bolderson

I am a Director of Newgen networking that provide a facility for business owners to meet on a weekly basis and build relationships, develop new contacts and referrals for each other but most importantly have fun doing it.

In addition, I am one of the founders of Venture Property & Land Investments Ltd the ‘one stop shop’ for all things property.

We offer a hands-off facility that involves the sourcing, refurbishment, funding, and all associated services of quality investments for our clients.


Mark Latham

Not sure how I ended up on this website, I only came out for a loaf, it could be something to do with that adage ‘in the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king’, although it is a general internet legend that states when you hit 30 you become a mighty and powerful wizard? 
Apart from being a serial entrepreneur my boutique marketing agency; Utopia Marketing is 30 years old, so as a wise Wizard I already know we can assist you in your marketing needs, you just don’t know it yet….why not book in for a coffee to discuss how we can help tell your story?

Chris Kelly

Chris provides help and support to NewGen for our IT and tech needs, covering everything from Microsoft 365 to advice on the website. As the owner of an IT business, he should know a thing or two about the techie stuff, and thankfully for us, he does!